Roadmap To Develop A Steadfast Food Ordering Mobile App For Foodies

Food/restaurant industry being one of the fastest growing industries has always managed to keep pace with technological advancements for catering to the ever-changing demands of the customers. The booming of mobile apps development has aided the restaurant businesses with steadfast on-demand delivery services. A majority of fine dining restaurants, cafeterias, and takeaway businesses are now striving to invest in a sensible Android or iOS app to increase their turnovers overnight. Here are all features that an owner in restaurant business need to incorporate to make their app popular and user-facing.

  • GPS tracking of orders

Any of the on-demand apps for food ordering won’t sustain for a day if they do not come with the feature of location-tracking using beacons or GPS. The foodies will always deliberately want to know how far the outlet is and how much time will take for the delivery boy to reach them as soon as they confirm their order. GPS tracking feature serves both the ends. While customers can track the delivery path and time taken by the delivery executive to reach them, the latter can easily know the location of customers and follow the shortest route to deliver.

  • Easy menu search

Like every restaurant makes it mandatory to provide a menu card at each table or displays it boldly in the main counter, it’s a prerequisite for the apps to have an easy-to-get digital menu card. It’s crucial to enable the users to pick their desired dishes or drinks from the lot and place the order without a hassle in few taps. It’s also imperative to incorporate search option in the menu to let customers retrieve any item they wish to have and place an order.

  • Geofencing to send push notifications

While geofencing is about tracing all the users who are in proximity to a specific store, restaurant outlets can leverage the technology for some added advantage to their businesses. They can send push notifications for personalised offers to the specific audiences as soon as they approach the geofence.

  • Mobile payment options

With any trusted feature for facilitating payments through credit/debit cards or mobile wallet, an app cannot survive longer. It can lose out many end customers who are not at all comfortable about carrying cash or paying through a third-party payment system. It is thus always suggested to offer in-app payments options besides COD by integrating reliable gateways like PayPal, BrainTree, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and so forth.

  • Table reservation

Besides increasing per day takeaway orders, such an app can simultaneously aid the owners to augment their restaurants’ footfall. With the feature for slots or table reservation, the app can let users book a table in advance and have pleasant dining experience amidst the crowd and congestion in the peak times.

Quick Wrap up

On-demand food ordering apps are helping the restaurant businesses distinctly to stand out from the crowd by reaching out to the hardcore foodies any time they need. Thus, getting an easy-to-use app for users is right now the most prudent solution for most restaurant businesses.

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