Fun Things on Aruba Island to Do with Kids or a Loved One

Fun Things on Aruba Island to Do with Kids or a Loved One

A small island in the Caribbean called Aruba has lovely beaches and warm weather that draw people there. Aruba also has a lot of fun things for tourists, couples, and families with kids to do. It’s a small island with the Arikok National Park, where you can walk, ride horses, and take an ATV off-road. There are also caves, natural rock bridges, a lighthouse, and other lovely spots to take shots on the island.

Believe it or not, Aruba also has some fun animal things to do. One place on Renaissance Island is the Butterfly Farm. Another is the famous Flamingo Beach, where you can feed and photograph the friendly pink flamingos as they walk around the island. Taking a long time to visit Aruba Island was A Lot of Fun. It’s safe, easy, and doesn’t cost too much to get there from the US. Aruba’s best feature is its many lovely beaches with clear blue water. That’s an excellent place to get away from winter.

This is our full guide to the best things to do on the island of Aruba.

The Best Things to Do On the Island of Aruba

1. Have fun on the beach

Aruba has many beautiful white sand beaches that people love. You can find them all over the island. The best part of our trip to Aruba was probably relaxing on the beach and taking in the sun and water. Regarding people and fame, Palm Beach is Aruba’s best spot. Along with restaurants, bars, shops, and water sports, it has a lot of high-rise condos.

But because they had white sand, Arashi Beach, Baby Beach, and Eagle Beach were our favourites. All these are beautiful; you can swim and use the wooden palapas for free. Little is built up on these beaches, even though they are busy now. Some of the few services they have are bathrooms and coffee shops. They made things easy for us.


2. Go to Renaissance Island to see the flamingos.

When we talk about beaches, you need to spend at least one day at Aruba’s famous Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island. There are about a dozen photogenic flamingos that walk freely around the island. The flamingos can be fed or you can take pictures with them. It’s fun for both kids and adults. This small, somewhat private island is part of the Renaissance Wind Creek Resort. If you’re staying at the hotel, you can come for free, but if you’re not, you can buy a day pass to go. It costs a bit, but the one-of-a-kind experience makes it worth it. Along with the flamingos, Renaissance Island has a second beach called Iguana Beach, where you might sometimes see friendly iguanas lying around. Both beaches at Renaissance are classy and beautiful, and they both have great places to swim, eat, and use facilities.

3. Check out Arikok National Park.

Almost 20% of the island of Aruba is protected as Arikok National Park. It has beaches, caves, tide pools, cactus-covered hills, and rocky coastal views. I wouldn’t say that Arikok is as good as the public parks in the United States, but you should still check it out while you’re in Aruba. Bring lots of water and don’t forget to wear a hat and sunscreen. This is the most remote part of the island of Aruba. You can walk for a long time without seeing another person in some parts of the park.

You can drive your own car or walk along the coast to see more of the park. You can also go horseback riding or on an ATV or UTV off-roading tour.

4. Take an off-road ATV or UTV tour.

There are many ATV and UTV tours that go to Arikok National Park and other places on the island, like the natural bridge and pool. These tours are fun and exciting in Aruba. ATVs, which have four wheels and can hold one person, are a fun way to get dirty. UTVs are more gentle and good for families. GetYourGuide offers off-roading tours that pick you up and drop you off at your hotel for free. You’ll then go off-roading with a group for up to four hours.

The remains of the Bushiribana gold mill, the natural bridge, the Conchi natural pool, and the Alto Vista Chapel are common places for tours to stop. It’s a great thing to do on Aruba Island.

5. Ride your horse on the beach.

People also like to go horseback riding on the beaches in Aruba, especially at beautiful spots like Dos Playas, Wariruri, and Arikok National Park.

Get your guide offers horseback riding trips that pick you up from your hotel and take you to a ranch for free. You will then have two hours to ride well-trained horses on the beach. Kids and people who have never been on a horse tour before can go on these trips. If they want, a guide can walk next to the horse, and experienced riders can canter.

The guides are happy to take pictures for you as you go, and it’s a fun thing to do with really cool background views.

Final Words

To sum up, Aruba is a great spot to visit. Palm Beach and Eagle Beach are two of its beautiful beaches. Renaissance Island is another excellent spot where flamingos walk freely. With its caves and incredible scenery, Arikok National Park adds excitement. You can also go on fun ATV or UTV trips to see more. Horseback riding on beaches like Dos Playas is an excellent way to relax if you’d instead take it easy. Everyone, including couples, families, and travellers, can find something they like to do and relax in Aruba. It’s more than just a beach; it’s a spot where new experiences can be made.