Shipping to Jamaica From The UK – 5 Things You Need To Know


Shipping your valuable cargo from the UK to Jamaica needn’t be a painful or expensive task. Whether sending gifts to relatives or friends, or moving belongings to a second home abroad, getting your items shipped to the main ports in Kingston and Montego Bay really is a straight-forward and affordable procedure; you just have to have the know-how, which I am more than happy to share with you. According to figures as recent as December 2010, there are over 150,000 Jamaican-born citizens living in the UK. There is also in excess of 800,000 British citizens of Jamaican-origin currently residing in The UK. With this in mind, a lot of Jamaicans in the UK will at some point in their life need to send items “back ah yard”. When doing this, there are 5 main factors that people take into consideration.

» 1. Know how to choose a reputable shipping company

When deciding to ship your items, it is always best to choose a company that has been recommended to you. Nothing beats word-of-mouth or a personal recommendation from somebody who has been happy with a shipping company they’ve already used to send cargo to Jamaica. You should always use a UK-based shipping company that has been sending cargo to Jamaica for at least 5 years, as this shows that the company are obviously experts at getting their customers’ cargo there efficiently.

» 2. Know how to package and measure your items before shipping them

If you have alot of items to ship, I would highly recommend using barrels, crates or a container in which to ship your goods depending on their size and quantity. Most good shipping companies will provide (for free) or sell bubble wrap, tape and seal locks to secure their customers’ valuables while being shipped. This ensures minimal-to-no-damage of your valuables while they are being shipped. Before shipping your cargo, you will usually need to know the size of your goods (or the size of the barrel/crate) which is measured in cubic metres. You can calculate this by multiplying your goods’ length by width by height. For example, 2 metres long x 1 metre wide x 1 metre high = 2 cubic metres.

» 3. Know how regularly the shipping company sends cargo to Jamaica

The best shipping companies will usually maintain a weekly sailing schedule, sailing from the UK to Jamaica and will even have sailing dates through Christmas and New Year. It is best advised to go for a company that sails weekly to ports in Montego Bay as well as Kingston, giving you and the recipient on the other end more choice.

» 4. Know how to insure your valuables against loss and/or damages

When shipping cargo anywhere in the world, whether it be from the UK to Jamaica or from France to Bora Bora, you should always choose a shipping company that will offer you cargo insurance or will recommend a preferred company. This displays the nature of a shipping company that values its’ customers’ cargo.

» 5. Know how reputable the agent is on the other end, once the cargo arrives in Jamaica

The agent that receives the sea freight once it reaches Jamaica is almost as important as the shipping company itself, as they will be handling your goods on the other end and ensuring that the recipient receives the goods safely and securely. You can be sure that the agent on the other end is reputable if your chosen shipping company has at least 3-5 years dealing with that agent in Jamaica. Good shipping companies will have spent years building up good relationships with the best and most reliable agents in Kingston and Montego Bay. If in doubt, ask your shipping company how long they have been using the overseas agent.

Source by Mason Ifejika

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