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Seven Seas Shipping is a company that provides solutions to freight management together with logistic services to its customers who import and export goods around the world. It has been in existence since the year 2008 when it was founded. It operates as a non-vessel common carrier to provide cost friendly transport solutions with regard to sea shipping. The management of the company has got a vast experience in transport management that has made it a perfect choice for importers and exporters. This company provides an array of services that give it a competitive edge over other similar companies in the field of sea freight and logistics. Some of the services it offers include the following.

First, Seven Seas Shipping offers export services to any country that the United States has trade agreements with. This is not only done through sea freight but also air transport. Some consignments may need to be transported via air due to their nature. For instance, perishable goods need to reach their destination fast before they become stale. This also takes into account the size of the consignment such that consignments that are small in size and are not very heavy are normally transported by plane. Sea freight only applies to consignments that are heavy and bulky.

Furthermore, Seven Seas Shipping offers logistics services to its customers. This means that they take charge of the cargo that is in transit until delivery is done. Most of the consignments are not accompanied by the owner but rather he awaits them at the destination. This creates the need for having logistics personnel in the company who will see to it that the consignments are delivered safely and in time within the shortest time possible. This especially concerns the clearing and forwarding bit where the owner of the goods is not around. The logistics personnel will ensure that the goods are cleared to avoid any unnecessary delays which may dissatisfy their customers.

Moreover, Seven Seas Shipping also offers over dimensional shipping to any destination in the world. Special arrangements can be made for consignments that are either too bulky or too heavy. Some may even require refrigeration services which the company is ready to provide. For the over dimensional cargo, a special fee is charged to deliver the consignment to the agreed destination.

Break bulk services is also another service offered by the company. This means that goods that are packaged in large quantities can further be repackaged into smaller and easy to transport sizes to suit the needs of the consignee and also to make the transportation process much easy. Some of the goods are normally repackaged so that they can be arranged in pallets so as to economize on space.

In conclusion, shipping companies offer a variety of services that distinguish one from the other. What interests the customers is how the services will suit his transport needs. Different companies will address different needs and therefore an analysis of the services needs to be done before choosing a freight company suitable for a particular job.

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