Safety Precautions for Fleet Businesses


As reported by the United Kingdom Department for Transport, in 2015 there were 162,000 injuries and 1,730 deaths caused by traffic accidents. The safety and security of your fleet drivers and their well-being is becoming increasingly important as the number of drivers and traffic accidents increase. Anything fleet companies can get hold of to protect themselves and their employees is worth considering. GPS tracking offers efficient safety measures and information for businesses that have vehicle fleets, and today we’ll cover some aspects to show that this is certainly achievable.

For starters, GPS tracking assists drivers to be considerably less distracted by electronic devices while driving. Drivers really should not be checking the map or the next job on their smartphone while driving, as being distracted is one of the primary causes of vehicle accidents. Drivers must keep their eyes on the road at all times. As a means of eliminating distractions, drivers can pre-set their daily routes before departure, or dispatch administration can handle all the route updates for drivers. Supervisors can provide verbal feedback to help drivers to steer clear of heavy traffic, hazards and roadworks. For businesses with several vehicles in their fleet, a GPS tracking system can be viewed as a telematics device, offering detailed vehicle and driver reports.

In spite of the common concern that your employees will be annoyed by having a GPS tracker fitted to check their daily routine and driving habits, it has been shown that doing this will yield good results that will also benefit your drivers. GPS tracking tends to make the job of fleet drivers easier, giving them more protection and decreasing the time spent analysing and arranging time cards or paycheck sheets. Whenever your driver gets into the vehicle, GPS tracking software records the time and location, and stores this data for 6 months. In addition, functions such as the preset routeing, notifications and speeding alerts provide drivers with a new standard of convenience and security on the road.

Aside from the safety provided by the mapping and guidance systems, the GPS tracking software reports routes taken, speeding, harsh cornering and braking. This is a solution that encourages drivers to establish less dangerous behaviour on the road. The driver’s behaviour can be documented in detailed reports and used to establish an incentive program if managers choose to do this. Fleets can easily establish their driver’s routines and behaviour, which allows managers to provide instructions to their drivers ahead of time.

The reality is that most drivers slow down only in poor weather conditions such as rain or snow, but to be safe on the roads they should always be driving below the speed limit. When a fleet supervisor is able to identify high-risk drivers, they are able to take appropriate action with those who may not be an asset to the company. GPS tracking devices make it much easier to figure out everything related to your vehicles and drivers so that you can develop an alternative solution whenever necessary. The data obtained could be developed into reviews that can also be perfect for lowering other unwanted expenses, including speeding tickets. By using the information supplied by vehicle tracking systems, fleets can easily increase the safety of their drivers and vehicles, as well as reduce unwanted expenses.

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