How to Sell Your Laptop


In today’s economy, sometimes we have to part with items for quick cash. Sometimes we replace things or upgrade items like electronics so we no longer have a need for what we currently own. This is the same with many types of items, especially computers. People go through laptops like clothing and sometimes keeping two laptops is rather pointless. So they decide to sell their old one. You can never get what you paid for a used laptop most of the time but it can be very profitable if you know how to sell it.

First, you want to make sure you have everything of a personal nature cleared off your laptop. Delete any saved passwords or even something as small as your internet history. Delete all registered programs off your hard drive, this way no one has access to any of your information. Next you can choose where to sell the laptop. There are a plethora of places online to sell your laptop. You have eBay which is a place already with a huge inventory of used laptops. Some people use Craigslist which is a free online listing of various goods and services people are trying to unload. There are also a number of electronic website forums and message boards where people meet up to discuss and look for computer deals.

There are also places offline. Some computers outlets will offer trade-ins for used laptops or some electronics consignment shops are good for this. These offline places will do the online leg work for you by listing it and packaging the laptop for shipment. However these offline options will cost you money.

Let’s assume you’re going to sell the laptop yourself then. Sit back and think about who you are marketing this to. Usually people who are buying something old and used cannot afford something new or they need a kick around model. This is your sales group. Your write up is most important for the electronic device. A catchy description, something honest and flashy always gets people’s attention.

Being as a laptop is something special and delicate always use a professional shipping company for delivery outside of the United States. Use a shipper like UPS or FedEx who are geared for handling the transportation of fragile items. Ensure that you have insurance on the shipping and that you receive money up front for your sale, to avoid any unscrupulous buyers trying to run off with your notebook.

Source by Claire M Jefferies

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