How Do I Get My eCommerce Website Design Project Started?


Running an eCommerce business can be a wonderful way to generate income and to free yourself from the bonds of a traditional job working for someone else. However, one of the keys to creating a successful eCommerce business is having a good eCommerce website design.

Gregory was excited about his new business. He had begun purchasing abandoned storage units and was selling the contents on eBay. However, he quickly discovered that he really needed an eCommerce type of website to draw in more customers.

After trying to design his website on his own, he gave up in frustration. He had no idea how to integrate shopping cart, payment portals and update his inventory content. He turned to an eCommerce website design expert and was thrilled with the results. He is now making sales as quickly as he can get his new inventory up on his website and listed with eBay.

Elements of an eCommerce Style Website

When you are starting an eCommerce website design project, it can be very confusing. There are many different things to think about that are different from a website that is only focused on conveying information. You need to have a shopping cart, the ability to include product descriptions and photographs of your products and the ability to process payments.

Shopping Carts – There are many different excellent shopping cart programs that you can include with your eCommerce website design. If you are working with a website design firm, they may make suggestions about a specific shopping cart that would be best for your particular business. You should use a shopping cart that allows you to update prices, product descriptions and product photographs easily. You should also be able to add or delete products easily.

Payment Portals – Another element that is extremely important in eCommerce website design is having a payment portal. The majority of eCommerce purchases use a credit card. If you do not already have credit card processing set up, you may want to consult with your eCommerce website design project manager. He or she may have suggestions about coordinating credit card processing with your shopping cart.

Shipping – You should also have the ability to choose how to calculate shipping. This largely depends on how you ship your products and if you charge a flat rate or if you use a shipping company that has variable rates, depending on where the product is being shipped.

Additional Elements of eCommerce Style Websites

As part of your eCommerce website design, you might also want to think about adding a blog or informational videos to add more value to your website visitors. Blogs are a great way to increase website traffic and potential customers. Informational videos also serve the same purpose. Both of these elements should be integrated into your overall eCommerce website design.

Successful eCommerce website designs include more than just products. You should promote your eCommerce site using social media, article marketing and other methods to intrigue customers enough to want to visit your site and purchase your products.

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