What Are the Basic Types of Mailroom Equipment?

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Even in small offices the days of separate postage stamps and letters that are opened by hand are long gone. Post room equipment has provided the solution of this time-consuming activity. Equipment is now available that can do some or all of the post room activities, saving you not only time but money as well.

Postage is available online but it is a very time-consuming process, while you are just logging into an online postage system a plain vanilla postage machine can be processing dozens of envelopes, thus saving valuable time. With an added sealer as part of your machine you eliminate most of the work that needs to be done by hand.

When you have established your daily mail volumes, then it is easier to decide just how much equipment your office will need. A simple postage meter can save time allowing your employees to be better used elsewhere. It is a good idea produce a spreadsheet to track how much postage equipment you have used so it can work out how much you have left.

Scales that use EPROMS are available that deal with price increases at they occur and the new EPROMS can be purchased or can be included when you lease equipment.

Tracking systems are now common place and if your company has a need to keep an eye on its mail then this can be carried out online using the national postage services. Supplies that you may need are available from Post Offices.

If you have a high volume mail room, then you will need all-in-one machines. These machines have the ability to print either the flier or letter, collate, staple, fold, stuff and address as well as adding the postage. The finished product is sorted by postal code and is ready for the Post Office.

These all-in-one machines can handle bulk mailings. Very often the companies that provide a mailing service also provide machines that can be bought or leased.

In most cases the government provide postage meters and through them a tracking system. Each meter has an identifiable number and can be stored in a small space.

Post room equipment comes is such a variety of sizes and styles you are bound to find something suitable for your needs. A simple postage meter will save you money and time even if you out-source your bulk mailings. The prospect of not having to lick and seal envelopes has to be a definite advantage.

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