The Courier – The Modern Day Delivery Hero

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Courier companies have become more and more prevalent over recent years. The security and speed they provide have earned them a reputation of being the best way to send and receive goods. There are many reasons why these services are the most convenient way to send documents or purchases all over the world. Here are just a few.

Why would you? Why wouldn’t you!

The most preferred way of delivering goods purchased online is by courier. Online stores send books, clothes and a wide range of products all over the world through this method simply because it provides two crucial things – speed and reliability. When a store dispatches an item using this service, they are able to get it to their client in the fastest possible way. Some companies give a 24-hour guarantee to clients, while an international parcel can reach its destination in 2-4 working days. There is also the factor of safety to consider. Rarely does a delivery company manage to lose your item – despite some urban myth horror stories. A tracking number is immediately available to the sender and receiver and both are able to track the progress of the delivery.

The same applies if you need to send over important documents. If you are applying for university in another country, for example, documents need to be sent internationally. The last thing you need is for these documents to be lost in transit. Passports are another document that should only be sent by courier because of the safety factor.

If you compare pricing, regular post is definitely cheaper than using a delivery service. The only problem with this method is speed and, of course, reliability. Although you may pay more for the latter, you do not have to worry about when your things will reach the destination and whether they will all reach it in one piece.

Delivery companies also provide the service of extra convenience to clients. They offer a pick up service so all you have to do is give them a call and they will come to your doorstep – you never even have to leave your home!

If you ever fall into a dispute with the receiver for your products or documents, you will have another advantage if using a courier company. All deliveries are accounted for because the client or receiver has to sign for the parcel or documents and produce their identification. All these details are recorded so that in the event of any dispute, it can all be settled easily.

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