RFID Technology Simplifies Distribution

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Toronto, ON, Nov, 2006 – There are many applications for how RFID systems help manufacturers and warehouse operations; these applications can be as unique as the enterprise they help. However, there are some common areas in these industries related to their logistics of getting the finished product to the customer or to another distribution center. Bottlenecking of the goods at the shipping door has implications on the costs to ship goods, lowers revenues when there are fewer shipped goods to bill and puts a drag on productivity gains you have made in other areas of the enterprise.

As product moves onto pallets, cases, boxes or whatever the means of preparing it for shipment, an RFID tag is read that is attached to the pallet, as an example. With the appropriate applications software, then all relevant data is transposed onto the tag, the inventory of product, which customer it is for, delivery information, the method of transportation, etc.

Once that pallet passes through a specific point at a shipping dock, then the tag is read and the contents of the data loaded earlier gets processed into the enterprise software. This in turn will generate invoices, initiate courier tracking, adjusts inventories, initiates material purchases to name just some of the impact RFID can have for your day-to-day business. Gone too are many of the headaches associated with bottlenecks in the shipping process such as verifying shipments against the bill-o-lading while drivers queue up for their pick-ups, the potential for human error in getting the wrong product on the wrong truck.

The ability to ship manufactured or warehoused goods efficiently and with less cost is what RFID technology can deliver to your business. To learn more, please contact GAO RFID Inc. at sales@gaorfid.com or visit our Web site at http://www.gaorfid.com.

About GAO RFID Inc

GAO RFID Inc., a member of GAO Group, was spun out from GAO Tek (formerly GAO Engineering) in July, 2006 as a result of its fast growing RFID business and its further heavy investment in this exciting market. GAO RFID has established itself as one of world¡¯s most influential suppliers of RFID products, particularly RFID tags, labels, and readers. GAO emphasizes on product quality. Read More…

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