Improving Response Time With GPS Tracking

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For a fleet-based business, response time is perhaps one of the most important aspects of customer service. Running a nimble business operation is key to meeting your customers ever changing needs. With a GPS tracking system you can react quickly to schedule changes, traffic congestion and other unforeseen events.

Real-Time Tracking of Every Vehicle

Having insight into the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet is essential to effective fleet management. With a GPS fleet tracking system you have access to a map, which is updated every 60 seconds, showing you exactly where each of your vehicles are located. Should you have a change in delivery priority, or need to add a stop to one of your driver’s routes, you can quickly and easily decide how to proceed by referring to your GPS tracking map.

Reroute Drivers Remotely

The integration of your GPS fleet tracking solution with the individual GPS navigation systems, in each of your vehicles, is perhaps one of the most powerful tools your solution will provide. Having the ability to reroute a single driver, or your entire fleet, from any internet connection or smart phone is essential to running a flexible business operation.

Easily Communicate

Not only does a GPS vehicle tracking system enable you to remotely reroute vehicles but it makes it simple to communicate with your drivers via navigation system messaging or SMS text messaging, eliminating the need to call a driver when plans or routes change. Imagine being able to reroute multiple drivers without ever having to place a call or provide directions.

Having a quick response time, when your customers need you the most, can set you apart from your competition. Employing a GPS fleet tracking system will simplify daily business operations and, most importantly, help you meet your customers evolving needs. Next time you’re faced with a major change in scheduling, or one of your customers is looking to you for a quick response to their needs, will you be prepared? Implement a GPS tracking solution today and you will be.

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