GPS Lone Worker Tracking System

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Lone workers are people who work alone in remote or potentially volatile areas and are vulnerable to injury or attack. Their security is increasingly becoming an important area of concern. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their employees who work in isolation. Every organization should take reasonable measures to provide proper equipment to their employees who work in difficult situations.

The GPS lone worker tracking system is specifically designed for workers working in isolation. It is very valuable for:

  • Security guards
  • Mail delivery workers
  • Service engineers
  • Sales people
  • Health care
  • Environmental officers
  • Asset surveyors
  • Social workers
  • Law enforcement workers
  • Workers with flexible timings

It provides peace of mind to both the employer and the employee. This system provides real time tracking of the employees and allows the employer to be in contact with them. It also provides the employees with the ability to raise an alarm during any unpleasant situation.

The GPS lone worker tracking system includes prominent features that will notify company officials of any emergency. The employer can track the mobile and GPS signal strength of the employee. He is also alerted if there are long periods of lack of movement.

Some important and advanced features of the GPS lone worker tracking system include:

  • Panic button ( voice, SMS and email alarms)
  • National coverage
  • Two-way communication
  • Latest technology
  • Man down alerts
  • Movement alerts
  • Voice wire tapping in SOS hijack situations
  • Real time tracking
  • Silent call monitoring
  • SOS button
  • Location based messaging
  • Long-life battery

For an employer it is very important to know the kind of environment a lone worker will be working in. If a worker works in an area with poor mobile coverage, he should be provided with multi-network SIM cards. It is important to have strongest available network for improved mobile connectivity.

You should be careful while selecting the GPS lone worker tracking system company as the safety and security of your employees will depend on that device. You should evaluate the system you have chosen to make sure that the employees are confident in using it.

The safety of his employees should be an important concern for every employer. An employer should provide proper training skills, strategies and practical steps to help them take proactive measures to be safe during emergency situations. The GPS lone worker tracking system proactively helps in managing the safety and security of an organization’s employees.

Source by Ritesh KR Dwivedi

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