Advantages to Having Freight Companies Deliver Commercial Furniture


There is merchandise that is easily packaged and sent (via postal mail or other delivery services) and then there is bulkier merchandise that is more difficult to transport. Furniture, for example, is too large and bulky to expect that the post office would be able to handle such shipments. Even delivery companies such as UPS and Federal Express have certain divisions that can handle shipments of large items such as furniture. The problem with using such services on a regular basis is that it can prove to be quite costly.

If you are in the furniture business, you should consider using one or more freight companies to deliver your goods. Freight companies are set up to handle heavy and/or voluminous loads, and can prove to be the most cost-effective method of delivery for furniture, automobiles, machinery and other large-load shipments. Below is an outline of some of the major advantages to having freight companies deliver furniture for commercial businesses.

Wider Selling Area
If your commercial furniture business is limited to selling in the area where the business’s own delivery trucks can reasonably be expected to deliver to, you will be losing out on thousands of dollars of missed sales. On the other hand, if your business has the capacity to deliver anywhere nationally, you ‘ll have the capacity to market your goods in a much larger area and thus multiply your sales. A good freight company will also allow you to expand your internationally.

Ongoing Relationships
If your company is just starting out with freight shipping, it may take a while to find a good freight company with which to do business. There are a multitude of freight companies who will be eager to earn your business. It is important to deal only with reputable companies that maintain a high standard of customer service. The advantage to establishing a business relationship with one or more freight companies is that you can negotiate discounts for using the freight service on an ongoing basis.

Safety and Security
Another advantage to using freight companies to transport commercial furniture is that you are leaving it to the experts. Freight companies specialize in transporting cargo and know what they are doing. A good freight company can ensure that any import/export paperwork required is completed and help guide you through the process if it is new to you. A reputable company will also offer either a guarantee or make insurance available to secure the value of your goods should they be damaged while in transit.

If you are considering using freight services in order to expand the area where you are able to sell your furniture in a cost-effective way, make sure you do your homework. Research different freight companies online first and try to find reviews from other businesses that have used them. When you narrow it down to a few companies that you’re considering, interview the companies thoroughly and compare rates and contracts. Don’t forget to ask about discounts!

Source by Amy Nutt

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