A Guide to SMC Corp


SMC Corp or Specialty Merchandise Corporation is one of the leading drop shipping suppliers in the country. Drop shipping is a well-established concept that is gaining pace in the recent times. Under this, the drop ship supplier, which is SMC Corp in this case, supports the members to earn from selling merchandise and provides them with the necessary assistance required like – shipment, storage, packaging, etc. Specialty Merchandise Corporation has established a good name in the market. However, as a company grows, so does its competition. Several other drop ship companies have started developing in the area.

This has led to usage of both fair and unfair means of staying on the top. If you look at the online reviews of SMC Corp, you will come across various reviews speaking derogatory comments and mentioning it to be a scam. However, if you analyze in depth, it is clearly clear that a company providing such services with a large member base will definitely have a cut throat competition. It is also possible that a few unsatisfied members are writing such reviews abut SMC Corp. But SMC Corp clearly maintains that it can only assist you in getting the desired outcome of profits. It cannot do the hard work for you. People who come with an expectation of becoming rich without putting in the required amount of hard work are generally a failure. Such people will never accept that they were at fault.

Another issue that people raise is that Specialty Merchandise Corporation is not accredited by BBB or Better Business Bureau. But one must understand that all good companies are not BBB accredited. The procedure of BBB accreditation involves a lot of paper work and formalities which every company may not be interested in. Also, BBB accreditation may be a good proof but not the only one to state the quality procedures of any company.

Source by Mohit S Jain

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